13 2 / 2012

So, I’m sitting at Urban ReThink talking to Puja and Ryan, and the subject of cataloging our (John and I) journey arose … I am going to try to make more of an effort to post here more often. I will do a recap of my weekend in FL (for Florida DrupalCamp) soon. Getting hungry and need to head towards MCO (the Orlando airport) soon.

13 2 / 2012


Hipsters from 2062 reflect on the heyday of the internet social media era. Must watch. 

08 9 / 2011


John and I have found an apartment that is exactly what we were looking for:

  • close to public transportation (bus stops, ‘L’ stations)
  • a larger-than-normal kitchen
  • pet friendly
  • laundry is FREE and in the basement; only 2 flights of stairs to traverse
  • There are 3 grocers near by: Target (~1 block), Jewel (~3 blocks) & Devon Produce (~4 blocks)
  • ~20 minutes to downtown via bus & Red-line train

Craigslist, I thank you for being better then the apartment brokers.

We’ve gotten everything in order. Today we ordered the furniture (the last thing to do), it will be delivered on the 12th, as will cable, gas and electricity! Everything is falling into place, just like we thought it would.

So, I guess we’re finally residents of Illinois; just in time for winter :cP Here, in Michigan City, the leaves on some of the trees are already starting to turn red and orange. It’s been a bit “chilly” [60’s-ish] and it rained all day today. Good news; we’ve managed to avoid this years hurricanes in FL.

O BTW, we might be here for 12 months. We had to sign a 12 month lease, which is probably for the better.

more to come over the weekend and on move-in day.

L8r peeps

06 9 / 2011


My favorite muppet was always Eric Stoltz.

apparently the only one who is animated enough so that he doesn’t need to be played by a muppet.

31 8 / 2011

Just to preface my current mood: I am a bit miffed, a little bit more disappointed/disheartened and very ready to just “give up” looking for a place and start looking for someone who would take 2 roommates or begin couch surfing! This’ll probably get ‘ranty’ … 

Today, well, it was very exhausting and very much a waste of our time. John and I had a scheduled appointment with “Chicago Apartment Finders" … guess what they didn’t do … find us an apartment. Apparently the properties which i had requested to see yesterday, when making the appointment, were all rented and not available for us to see today. !@$%!$ OUTRAGE !#@$!%@# They’re still listed on the site, which could be a flaw with their inventory system, regardless, the point is that they should have taken us to places that were similar to the ones that I had already requested to visit.

We arrived and were promptly greeted by a smiling face. We were asked to checkin and fill out some simple questions about what types of property we were looking to rent (location, amenities, max price per month, etc); pretty simple and easy stuff. We sat and waited about 5 or 10 minutes (long enough for me to smoke a square and return some phone calls) and were called to one of the representatives desk. We promptly introduced ourselves and got right down to business. Remember those easy questions I answered during the checkin process? I did, but apparently the printed out sheet with my answers wasn’t enough and i needed to answer them again while he wrote them down, right next to where they were printed.

Okay, that was weird, but i understand that he may want to clarify so that he can find us the right place. GREAT, let’s start looking for something! So, the first property the rep tells us about is way too far from a train stop (one of our requirements is that a train depot or bus stop be within 4-5 blocks), it is out of our price range, located on the second floor above a bar that is open till 4am, and won’t be ready to move into until October 1st. STRIKE 1! Didn’t we JUST go over what we’re looking for?!? banter banter banter … show me some properties that fit my criteria! so, we start looking, and the lists are long, tons of options, and yet he’s only pulling up properties that are at the top of our price range … “c’mon, show me a one bedroom thats around $800 - $1K” so he shows me some, they’re, umm, ‘okay’. We choose 5 properties to go look at.

AWESOME, let’s do this! ok, the first one, while far away and not really near a whole lot (requires a bus ride to get to the train, grocery, etc) it’s ‘do-able’. it has it’s flaws, but it’s definitely an option.

The second place … ZOMG … the place was overwhelmed by a heavy scent of natural gas, not to mention the cat-sized whole where the dining room floor met the wall - this place was $1050/mo - NO! STRIKE 2!

The third place was large, in the middle of being cleaned, painted and repaired (which it was in great need of) and close to a train station - also at the top of our budget - so it was kinda bearable that the master bedroom had a private half-bath; the fact that there was visible water damage around the bottom edges of the living room and second bedroom walls (on a carpeted floor [Mold, anyone?]), a [rat-sized] whole in the ceiling of one of the kitchen cabinets (apparently a pipe had burst and it was repaired, but the “access hole” wasn’t) made this place immediately unattractive.

Is it too much to ask for a clean apartment?

Now, the last place we were taken to could have been perfect: 1/1, $800/mo, 900 sq. ft., big kitchen, big bedroom - the key didn’t work and we were not able to see it.


BTW, that “5th place”, which was really desirable; the rep couldn’t get a hold of the person w/ the keys, or something to that effect.

Tomorrow we will be looking at some art lofts in Pilsen, and more apartments in the NE (Rogers Park, Edgewater, Uptown, Lakeview, etc). Hoping for better luck tomorrow!

Help us look:

  • must be cat freindly
  • kitchen must be decent; no efficiency appliances.
  • preferred: Laundry in building or in unit
  • preferred: Close to bus stop and/or CTA station
  • preferred: near grocery and/or farmers market
  • preferred: no more than 30 minutes to Downtown

going to bed … today was exhausting

to quote LCD Sound System, loosly … “Chicago, I Love You, but you’re bringing me down”

29 8 / 2011

I’m so glad we’re finally living in Chicago! The drive up wasn’t too bad; 21 hours total with a stop every few hours for food, bathroom or to tend to the cat [which fared quite well for such a long drive]. Our friend ben has been gracious enough to let us stay with him for a few days, until we find a place in the city. Currently I am sitting on the train into Chicago. John and I are going to start looking at various apartments and condos around the city today. With any luck, we’ll be moving into one this week. It will be good to see friends and explore downtown more as we get familiar with Chicago. We’re looking forward to meeting others that are active in coworking and in the Drupal and Tech community; maybe even get some new clients.

27 8 / 2011

After a 21 hour drive North, we have arrived at our destination: Michigan City, IN. With any luck, we’ll be moving into a place in Chicago sometime next week.

I’ll post again tomorrow, as the 21 hours on the road has taken it’s toll on my already shortened sleeping period, I’M GOING TO BED!

24 8 / 2011

I cannot believe that the time has finally come to leave and uproot myself from my home; Florida you have been awesome!